Workshop positivity & change

How are positivist and change connected? And how does positive change get everyone actively involved in change? During the interactive workshop in the Manufactuur in Venlo yesterday, the participants discovered how positivity works in change intiatives and how you can lead change in your organisation. 

De Nieuwe Rede

Really excited to be one of the new speakers at de Nieuwe Rede! Thrilled to share how organisations can let positivity work its magic in change initiatives! More?

LWV Limburg Happening Youngpreneur

Really enjoyed the inspiring “Limburg Happening” of the Limburgish Society of Employers (Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging) this week. My advice to lead change: start by focusing on the good things to get change going 🙂 Thanks Kenneth Tan Photography for the great pictures.

Change Management Inspiration Workshop

“I really loved, how energetically you gave the “seminar” and with such a positive attitude. I liked it also that you involved everyone so actively! The practical tips are helpful and are easily applicable in practice.”

Yesterday the members of the BVMW (Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft – Unternehmerverband Deutschland) of the region Viersen-Krefeld experienced how to successfully go about change in my sold-out inspiration workshop. Interactive exercise, group discussions, sharing experiences and live voting were all part of the game. At the end, the participants went home with practical tips for change management in their own organisation. Let’s go!

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The fine line between being a manager, and being managed

Do you ever get that feeling?

That niggling suspicion that you’re managed by the organisation you’re supposed to be managing? That you are spending tons of time reporting how the business was doing last month? That you are communicating the latest corporate business initiative that holds no local relevance? That you are attending meetings that are not only a source of frustration, but that also steal large chunks of your time? At the end of another day, do you conclude that, instead of being the manager of your organisation, you are officially being managed by its systems, structures and reporting requirements?

Reading time: 5 minutes

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