Acquisition integration workshops

Most acquisitions and mergers fail due to insufficient cultural integration support. Learn to become a successful change facilitator that effectively guides different personalities through change, gives impactful relationship-affirming feedback, manages conflict, and deals effectively with national and organisational culture differences.
Workshop 1: Leading different personalities in change
Whereas some people are excited to get started with change, others ask for a detailed plan or seem hesitant.
  • How can you successfully guide different personalities through change?
  • What are your key qualities that you can contribute as a change facilitator?
Workshop 2: Motivating communication and feedback
  • How to communicate change messages in a motivating way: from large town hall speeches to one-on-one conversations.
  • How to give radically candid feedback in a kind and direct way that leads to performance and excellent relationships.
Workshop 3: Managing cultural differences
  • How to mediate inevitable conflicts and effectively handle differences in national and organisational culture.

Interesting for
Change agents that want to take an active role in providing post-acquisition cultural integration support.
  • Duration: 3 workshops of 4 hours each.
  • Online or on location
  • Small group of 4-12 participants