How to facilitate interactive online workshops and training sessions that are not sleep enticing?

How do you facilitate interactive online meetings, workshops, training sessions and events that aren’t boring? How do you translate a live session into an online session? How do you maintain the attention of your participants? How do you ensure that your workshop or training leads to real results?


Interesting for

This workshop series is for anyone who would like to learn how to give an inspiring and effective online meeting, workshop or training.


On the agenda

  • Session 1: effectively and creatively using the tools
    • Learn how to use the basic options, that most online software provides, such as audio, video, voting, chat, whiteboard and drawing.
    • Learn how to effectively collaborate online in smaller groups with break-out rooms.
    • Learn how to maintain participants’
    • Ensure that the technology works for the participants way in advance.
  • Session 2: how to design sessions with inspiring content and technical methodologies:
    • Best practices: the Dos and Don’ts of online sessions.
    • Translation: how to transform an existing session, workshop or training into an online concept. Is it even suitable for an online session? How do you make the translation?
    • How to design interesting sessions from scratch: a step-by-step plan.
    • Properly running software and dealing with unexpected problems: the “rules” and the role of the technical producer in the background.
  • Session 3: stimulating active participation and harvesting the results
    • This way you ensure the active participation of your participants: the power of questions, listening and the use of survey software.
    • Moderating with emotional impact: how to build trust online; how to notice how your session is being experienced by your participants, without being in the same room.
    • Visualisation in online sessions: how participants can capture the outcomes themselves during the session using (free) online visualization tools.


  • 3 Modules of 90 minutes each or two half days including a session design lab to design your own sessions.
  • Online Zoom sessions
  • Small group of 4-12 participants