Positively leading change training — how to get change going (& keep things going)!



Change has always been around, but it has just gotten a hell of a lot quicker. How can you lead change in a rapidly changing world? Instead of losing support and trying to deal with resistance, during this training you’ll experience how you can approach change in a positive and cooperative way, so people actually support your initiative and help implement it.



  • To understand what it takes to lead change successfully – the difference between traditional change and positive change.
  • To be able to lead change initiatives utilising various change methodologies and frameworks (ranging from interactive collaborative days to more project-based approaches).
  • To be able to involve colleagues and other stakeholders so they enthusiastically take on an active role.
  • To have brushed up your change management leadership skills (such as cooperative leadership, reading people and positive moderation).


The specifics

This two-day interactive training consists mainly of interactive workshop exercises, so you’ll actually experience positive change. You will have ample opportunity to practise your change leadership skills. Naturally, relevant theoretical background is also given, as are real examples of successful (and failed) change initiatives. You can also work on your current change initiative using the tips and recommendations provided specifically for your initiative.


Is this one suitable for you?

This training is particularly interesting for people in leadership positions that regularly lead change initiatives and for project and change management professionals. The training can be given in Dutch, English, German, French or Spanish.



Drop me a line on lisette@lisettevandesandt.com or shout out using + 31 6 5093 1124.


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