Leading change | Less resistance, more change

What if you could swap resistance to change for engagement? Discover how you can successfully guide people through change.
In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn:
  • How to get people excited for change and create a compelling change story.
  • The dos and don’ts of making change succeed (or fail miserably).
  • How to communicate change effectively to different personalities.
  • How to lead change processes systematically and manage different stakeholders.
  • How to effectively deal with emotional reactions, uncertainty and resistance to change, including conversation practice lab.
  • How to apply methods and techniques from the change toolkit to guide change interactively and co-creatively.
  • How to design your change workshop using the 8-step workshop design plan.
  • How to resolve your change challenge in our mastermind
Interesting for
This training is ideal for anyone who regularly leads change or manages projects and wants to become a more persuasive and effective change manager.
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Location: online or on location
  • Group size: 4-12 participants for plenty of interaction and practice opportunities

What our participants say

Central Europe Finance Director

The training helped me understand that organizational change is actually a complex, long-term process that requires constant communication and broad involvement of the people who are affected by it. Lisette gave us lots of opportunities to practice having conversations about change, using our own real-life examples.

Global Data Director

This training was super valuable to me as it conveyed the central aspects of change management in a concise and ready-to-apply way, putting a lot of focus on how to identify different stakeholder groups that require custom-fit measures.

Global L&D Transformation Manager

Lisette is a wonderful and targeted trainer! She is very informed to not only read the room right but also participant’s energy (apart from adjusting content overnight, agile ways of working, breaks, reflection time etc.)This is one of the best trainings I ever attended especially the fact that I am reviewing and implementing the Change topics and my actions even weeks after the training!