Workshop | Positively design your life!

Whereas jobs for life used to be widespread, new life designs and career planning are waiting for us to take advantage! In this interactive (online) workshop series, you experience how you can shape your life in a more positive and fulfilling way – regardless of your current career phase. Start and continue your journey on our online platform with additional experiments and insights.

Questions like: ‘what do I value in life’ and ‘what is important at work’ lay the foundations. Instead of analysing everything in great detail, you will learn how to carry out small experiments to get new insights and take decisions. Inspired by Design Thinking methods and Positive Psychology approaches, you will actively shape your life and career!


What participants think:

“Great atmosphere, very informative and interactive, I really felt at ease [in the workshop]. You are a very inspiring person that you can learn a lot from. My expectations were exceeded!”

“Inspiration. Networking with great people. Positive energy.”

“Loved the cheerful attitude of Lisette and the vivid examples.”

“The openness and joy were great.”

“THANK YOU for the inspirations, new ways of thinking and ideas for my future! :)”


Already exited are: