Recharge series – boost your energy!

Learn the art of pausing, unplugging, focusing and simplifying to regain productivity and get into creative flow.
The Do pausethe art of recharging, Unplug yourself, More Focus, Find stillness in a busy world, Simplify to amplify and Build effective habits workshops lets you take a step back and recharge!
  • Do pausethe art of recharging, is full of experiments and neuroscientific insights. Finding out why pausing makes life more enjoyable and how it makes you more innovative and productive.
  • Unplug yourself. Say goodbye to digital and other external and internal distractions. Set yourself an ‘unplug’ challenge this summer and get more time in return to live and work more intentionally.
  • More focus. Overcome internal distractions and manage your energy to be more focused.
  • Find stillness in a busy world. Say goodbye to social expectations and choose whatever adds joy and value to your life and work. Inspired by essentialism and minimalism, you’ll learn how to become still and connect to yourself on a deeper level.
  • Simplify to amplify. How less is more. A simple exploration towards finding more joy, purpose and ease in work & life.
  • Build effective habits. Learn how you can turn a bad habit into a more fulfilling one and establish new ones. By getting just a little bit better every day, you make huge progress over time.
Interesting for

Anyone who feels exhausted by their work and life or just needs some creative inspiration to get back to basics.
  • Duration: 5 x 90 minutes over a month or one week (high-intensity). Alternatively, the series can also be combined as a one-day on-location event.
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Zoom or Welo
  • Group size: max. 20 participants for the workshops to have an interactive and experiential vibe.