Build a feedback culture

Empower your team to grow and succeed: build a feedback culture where giving and receiving feedback is a daily practice.
In this interactive training, you’ll learn:
  • How to give radically candid feedback – compliments and criticism – in a human and direct way for improved performance and valuable relationships with clients and colleagues. Including practice lab to practice example situations and your feedback situations from real life.
  • How to receive feedback as a role model.
  • How do you make giving feedback the norm and train your team to give and receive radically candid feedback.
  • How to deal with feedback deniers and difficult reaction types. Including deniers, practice lab to practice real-world situations and mastermind to resolve challenging situations.
  • How to take the first steps towards building a feedback culture in your team or organisation.
  • How to create a psychologically safe feedback culture within your team where giving feedback is normal and valued.
  • How to make giving and receiving feedback a daily routine within the team? Including team activity plan and routine tracker for individual habits.
Interesting for
Management teams or managers who want to make giving and receiving feedback a habit within their team or organisation.
  • 2 days
  • Online or on location
  • Small group of 6-12 participants


What our participants say

I feel wiser. Great to implement this in our division!

Loved the open atmosphere, time to practice our cases and interaction!

Inspiring and energising! Culture change takes time. On to asking for more feedback from the teams.