Effective Conversations

How can you hold effective conversations that make colleagues and customers feel understood and achieve results.
In this interactive training you’ll discover:
  • How you communicate effectively with different people with different behavioural preferences and personalities.
  • How to effectively use questioning, active listening and reflective listening techniques to better understand others and co-develop solutions.
  • How you can effectively deal with different types of reactions in conversations – ranging from an intense emotional outburst, tears to hardly any reaction at all.
  • How you can use various conversation formats (like giving bad news, performance conversations, motivating conversations) and effectively deal with a potentially critical conversation partner during the various conversation practice labs.
Interesting for
Anyone who would like to learn how to communicate effectively making sure their colleagues and customers feel acknowledged and heard.
  • 1 day
  • Online or on location
  • Small group of 4-10 participants