From specialist to people manager

How can you successfully make the shift from specialist to people manager? You’re a star specialist in your field, and now you’re transitioning into a people management role as the next step in your career. Whether you’re a programmer, an engineer, an attorney, a techie, a notary or an accountant, this programme builds the skills you need to excel as a people leader that motivates employees and delivers results with your team.

Module 1: Lead yourself & others

  • Lead yourself by utilising strengths, establishing habits, and managing your time and energy like a pro
  • Find time to lead (of ) by delegating
  • Lead situationally – using different leadership styles ranging from directive, mentoring, and coaching to empowering based on the level of experience of your people.
  • Define your leadership challenge and get input from peers on how to resolve it.

Module 2: Motivating communication & collaboration

  • Discover what motivates people
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with different personalities
  • Hold effective conversations using questioning, active listening, and reflective techniques to understand others better and co-develop solutions.
  • Apply various conversation formats, for example, to deliver bad news and set expectations.
  • Deal with difficult and emotional reactions in conversations

Module 3: Giving feedback & holding performance conversations

  • Set expectations and motivating goals
  • Give and receive feedback with Radical Candor
  • Hold stellar performance conversations

Module 4: Develop your team & manage conflict

  • Fast-track your team’s development
  • Nurture trust and a safe environment for people to flourish
  • Manage conflicts effectively
Interesting for:
  • A perfect match for first-time managers who want to lead their team effectively by upping their personal and people management skills.
  • 4 modules of 2 days over 3-6 months.
  • On location, online or both.
  • Small group of 4-12 participants to stimulate interaction and practice methods actively.


What our participants say

‘Lisette did a really great job of designing the two days, so that it wasn’t boring even for a second. I especially liked that she involved everyone and used different presentation options and small group work. I don't think any other trainer could have done a better job.’

Lisette is open, authentic and infectious.’

‘Lisette delivered the first module in a comprehensible, varied and well-structured order.’

‘Super lovely, and she radiated such great positive energy, I can only recommend Lisette.’