Leadership essentials

Leadership Essentials enables you to excel as a leader and lead your team to high performance and growth. How can you make your team members shine, lead them effectively through change, communicate persuasively for different personalities and give feedback for growth like a pro? You’ll discover all during the interactive Leadership Essentials training.


  • What leadership is all about nowadays.
  • How you can use different leadership styles based on the needs of your employees.
  • How you can coach and delegate to empower more effectively.
  • What kind of leader you want to be to get results, be authentic and live your values.

Leading yourself

  • Understand what drives you and what holds you back and how you can effectively manage these forces.
  • Understanding your strengths and how to more utilise them successfully.
  • How you can establish effective habits yourself that drive well-being and results.
  • How you can get more focus by overcoming external distraction and effectively deal with internal sources of distractions.
  • How to manage your time and energy better.
  • How to prioritise all that is going on at work and life.

Motivation and behavioural preferences

  • What motivates and drives people.
  • What behavioural preferences people have.
  • What your own preferred working style is and how you recognise what motivates people and what their preferred working and collaboration style is.
  • How you communicate and collaborate effectively with different personalities.

Great communication

  • What the three levels of communication are.
  • How to read body language and facial expressions effectively.
  • How to persuade people with different communication preferences.
  • Communication toolbox: how you can give stellar speeches and talks using Ted Talk insights.
  • How to up your listening skills using the reflective and deep listening techniques.
  • How to guide conversations through curious questioning.
  • Communicating effectually across different national and organisational cultures
  • Delivering bad news effectively – including practice lab.
  • How to effectively manage up.

Team development

  • What makes an excellent team.
  • How you can fast-track your team along the team development phases.
  • How to use all strengths and preferred working styles within the team.
  • How you can develop the team canvas with your team to give clear insights into why the team exists and how you collaborate.
  • How to nurture psychological safety and trust within your team.
  • What the illusive trust is all about and how you can (re)build relationships based on trust.

Performance management

  • How you can effectively evaluate and manage performance.
  • How to set expectations effectively including motivating long-term goals and short-term objectives.
  • How you can stimulate the development of star performers.
  • How to deal with underperformance.
  • How you can respond effectively when someone delivers results but the someone works and collaborates leaves much to be desired.
  • How you can structure individual performance conversations and use active listening and questioning techniques to guide the conversation – including practice lab.

Managing conflicts effectively

  • How to deal with different types of conflicts and understanding what the conflicts are really about.
  • How can you effectively use negotiation and conflict management strategies.
  • Understand how conflicts usually escalate and what can you do at each stage
  • When you should step in, moderate the discussions and when is it time to get professional conflict moderators in.
  • How you can moderate conflict conversations when you’re part of the conflict and as a third party using various conflict moderation formats, including practice lab.

Giving feedback for growth

  • Discover why giving feedback is so valuable and challenging at the same time.
  • How to give radically candid feedback in a kind and direct way that leads to performance and excellent relationships.
  • Practice giving radically candid feedback – compliments and criticism – in small groups and one-on-one in our practice labs.
  • Use your own feedback situations and examples so you can apply radical candor at work immediately afterwards.
  • Learn how to receive feedback like a role model.
  • Find out how to create a feedback culture within your team and organisation – a psychologically safe culture where giving and receiving feedback is appreciated.
  • Turn giving and receiving feedback into a daily routine within the team.

Leading and co-creating change

  • How to guide change effectively in an interactive and co-creative way.
  • Why change impacts us differently.
  • How to persuade people to get out of their comfort zones.
  • How to deal with emotional reactions to change.
  • How you communicate effectively with different personalities and lead them effectively through change.
  • How to design your own change workshop using the 8-step workshop design plan.
  • How to deal with resistance in change.
  • How positivity works like magic in change to create emotional engagement and when not to use it.. and what strategies to use instead.

Dealing with uncertainty and difficult times

  • How to stay positive and resilient in difficult times?
  • How to create positive habits that give you energy?
  • How to deal with uncertainty?
  • How can you develop resilience within your team?
  • How to give space for difficult experiences in the team and talk about difficult emotions with team mates – including practice lab.

Your current leadership challenge

  • How to resolve your current leadership challenge using the collective wisdom of the group.
  • We’ll also cover anything else that came up and that you need to up your leadership game.

Interesting for:

  • Leaders that want to lead their team more effectively by upping their personal and people leadership skills.
  • For new leaders this provides all the essentials – for more seasoned leaders it’s an up-to-date refresher including the latest leadership research insights about what it means to lead effectively in the 2020s.


  • Modular approach: the Leadership Essentials trainings contains several modular building blocks that can be selected or exchanged based on the participants’ needs.
  • 3-5 modules of 2 days over 3-6 months.
  • On location, online or both.
  • Small group of 4-12 participants to stimulate interaction and practice methods actively.
  • Online university – blended learning – option available to stimulate learning in between official sessions.


What our participants say

‘Good way of giving a training - especially because of the small group exercises that actively involved us again and again. Great insights for our individual cases.’

‘Lisette fits super into the group and creates a trusting atmosphere.’

‘Lisette is very positive and motivating, it is a lot of fun to work with her. She is very flexible in addressing topics that the participants brought with them.’

‘Lisette did a really great job of designing the two days, so that not a second was boring during the two days. I especially liked that she involved everyone and used different presentation options and small group work. I don't think any other trainer could have done a better job.’