Leading difficult conversations – conversation clinic

Learn to master even the most challenging of conversations with confidence.
This interactive conversation clinic is full of practical exercises and role plays that will help you discover:
  • How you can apply various difficult conversation formats such as addressing underperformance, delivering bad news (such as no salary increase, contact not extended) and announcing change.
  • How you can effectively respond to common objections, like “we’ve always done it like this” or “we’ve tried that before.”
  • How to use questioning, active listening and reflective listening techniques that make people feel understood, seen and ‘felt’ during conversations, enabling your to build rapport and uncover hidden motivations and insights.
  • How you can effectively deal with different types of reactions in conversations, ranging from an intense emotional outburst to tears or hardly any reaction at all.
In our practice labs, you’ll practice leading difficult conversations and dealing with intense reactions. To intensify your learning, bring your own case to practice real-live examples. Plus, our dos and don’ts cheat sheet will serve as a quick reminder before you dive into your next difficult conversation.
  • 1 day
  • Online or on location
  • Small group of 4-8 participants

What participants say

I’m more confident in delivering bad news.

I discovered how to dig deeper with questions when you feel something is not ok.