How insights from positive psychology enable you to positively guide people through change

How can you coach in a positive and supportive way?

How can you use positive psychology in your daily life and work as a role model?

How can you help people embrace uncertainty, maintain an optimistic outlook of the future and become resilient in these times of change?


The interactive Positive Coaching workshop introduces you to the magic of positive psychology. Instead of just telling you, you’ll experience the effect of positive psychology yourself and will have plenty of opportunity to share experiences with your colleagues. You’ll learn how to apply positive psychology as a role model and use positive coaching techniques in coaching sessions.


We’ll cover techniques including appreciative inquiry, positively framing coaching conversations, curious questioning, deep listening, embracing negativity and uncertainty, reframing situations and building trust by storytelling. The practical checklist ensures that learnings can be easily applied to the next coaching conversation you’ve got lined up. So, get ready to dive into the world of positive psychology and up your coaching skills.


Interesting for

Anyone who would like to apply insights from positive psychology and behavioural science to their coaching sessions in a practical way.


Looking for?

  • Just looking for inspiring scientific insights and practical tips? Then the 90-minute positive coaching inspiration workshop is for you.
  • Ready to dive deeper and master all of the positive coaching techniques like a professional? Then the positive coaching training series that includes one-on-one Apply!-sessions is for you.


Positive Coaching Inspiration workshop

  • 90-minute interactive online inspiration workshop
  • Key learnings: at the end of the session you’ll:
    • Understand how positivity works and how much positivity people need to thrive in life.
    • Know how to switch on positivity in a way that works for you.
    • Have insight into the 10 positive coaching principles and how you can apply them straight away.
    • Have bonded with other participants through the experiments.
    • Leave with a practical checklist that can be used as a quick reminder just before starting your next coaching session.
  • Online Zoom-session or on location.
  • Group of maximum 30 participants.


Positive Coaching training series

  • 3 x 2-hour workshops over 6-8 weeks, access to the Positive Experiments platform with weekly videos and opportunity to sign up for the weekly one-on-one Apply!-sessions to get specific advice on any coaching situation you may be facing.
  • Session 1: Positive Coaching basics and starting the session
    • Key learnings: at the end of the session you’ll:
    • Understand how positivity works
    • Know how to switch on positivity as a role model in a way that works for you.
    • Be able to foster positive conditions in your coaching sessions and to get into the coaching mindset before a coaching session.
    • Have developed the skills to open a session using positive framing.
    • Have bonded with other participants through the experiments.
    • Leave with access to Positive Experiments’s videos so you can continue your positive coaching journey in between the live sessions.
  • Session 2: Positive language, visualisation and listening
    • Key learnings: at the end of the session you’ll:
    • Have insights into the power of words and positive language
    • Understand why convincing emotionally, alongside logically, uses the way our brains are hardwired to the advantage.
    • Have had plenty of practice using positive and emotional language.
    • Are able to apply appreciative inquiry and vividly visualising the future as positive coaching techniques.
    • Know the secrets of becoming a deep listener.
  • Session 3: Dealing with uncertainty, negativity and building resilience
    • Key learnings: at the end of the session you’ll:
    • Understand how positivity and resilience are connected.
    • Be able to help others effectively respond to negativity and uncertainty.
    • Have experimented with how empathy, holding the space and telling it straight are part of coaching in difficult times difficult times.
    • Understand the neuro-scientific value of pausing in coaching sessions.
    • You’ll leave with plenty of experiments to continue learning afterwards.
  • You’ll also have access to the Positive Experiments platform | organisational science turned into fun practice to dive deeper and continue your journey of experimentation in between sessions. Drawing on scientific insights from positive psychology, design thinking and behavioural science, the weekly Positive Experiment videos provide fun and practical experiments for your next coaching sessions in terms of applying positive psychology yourself like a role model and relevant positive coaching techniques like curious questioning and priming.
  • The Apply! coach-the-coach one-on-one sessions are 45-minute slots to discuss your actual coaching cases confidentially and get some suggestions on possible ways to reframe or approach the situation and actual ways to prepare coaching conversations step-by-step. Particularly useful for new coaches or those with challenging coaching situations.
  • Online Zoom-sessions or one-day on location training.
  • Small group of 4-10 participants.


About Lisette van de Sandt | Positive Change

Lisette van de Sandt (MSc) is an entrepreneur and people-oriented change manager. She speaks, facilitates and trains internationally on positive change and positive leadership in her uniquely interactive and energising way. Her motto: be positive about what works today, and optimistic about what you could do better tomorrow.