Performance Management

Boost your team’s performance to the next level by encouraging the development of high performers and addressing underperformance.
In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover:
  • How to evaluate performance effectively and fairly – including case studies.
  • How to deal with performance (what) or working methods (how) that are below par.
  • How your team is doing and what you can do specifically to increase performance.
  • How to conduct a successful expectation-setting conversation so that realistic priorities are set and colleagues feel taken seriously – including practice lab expectation-setting conversation.
  • How to prepare and conduct performance conversations – including defining motivational objectives and behavioural indicators – including writing an invitation to a performance conversation and practice lab performance conversation.
Interesting for
Anyone who wants to take their team’s performance to the next level by encouraging the high-performers and tackling underperformance.
  • 1 day
  • On location
  • Small group of 4-12 participants