Confidently going forward!

How you can grow trust and collaborate effectively with customers, colleagues and partners

Trust and positivity are the glue that make organisations work. Lisette van de Sandt

In successful organisations, where people collaborate positively and move forward quickly and flexibly, trustworthy relationships are essential. Ideas are exchanged freely, and people innovate together– without fear or blame. That saves time, energy and money.


How can you collaborate in a trustworthy way? In this training programme, you experience how you can grow relationships in a positive and lasting way. Improve collaboration within the team, overdeliver on customer expectations and innovate together with business partners.



  • You are aware of the dimensions of trustworthy collaboration and know what skills you can actively apply to achieve this.
  • You have insight into how your personal behaviour and the way-of-working of your organisation is perceived and what impact it has.
  • You approach others on an equal footing with a win-win mentality.
  • You know how to counter mistrust and restore confidence.
  • You actively work on your trust-building skills such as open and appreciative communication, thinking win-win and embracing mistakes. You behave in a trustworthy and sincere manner, keep your promises, listen actively, change perspective from time to time, check expectations and live your own values.



The training enables you to grow trustworthy and successful relationships. Through self-reflection you become aware of how trustworthy and credible your behaviour and that of your organisation is. Besides a short theoretical introduction, the training programme mainly consists of exercises that train your trust-building skills. Take examples from your daily work so you can get going with what you specifically need straight away.


Is this one for you?

  • Leaders and managers who are looking to inspire their colleagues and increase the team’s performance through trust-building leadership.
  • Business owners and HR-people that would like to build a positive and trustworthy workplace.
  • Account managers, sales representatives, project managers and R&D-colleagues who would like to grow trustworthy relationships with customers and partners in order to innovate together.



  • 1 day