(Online) workshop | Personal leadership: positively design your work


For anyone that would like use small experiments to design your work more productively and enjoy work more.


The outcome
During this interactive online training

  • You’ll focus on your strengths and how you can apply them more frequently, so you’ll be more productive and enjoy work more.
  • You’ll discover the power of collaboration, to generate options quicker.
  • You’ll think as a designer and will conduct small experiments, to generate new possibilities.
  • You’ll learn, how you can start your day with a positive attitude, to be able to work more productively and creatively.


Content and approach

Inspired by design thinking, behavioural science and positive psychology, you’ll be able to apply your strengths and engage in your most-loved activities at work more often. Instead of analysing everything in great detail, you will learn how to carry out small experiments to get new insights and take decisions. You’ll discover methods like curious questioning, the why-question, time and energy management, framing, job crafting, character strengths, strengthening strengths, generating options through collaboration, the 80-20 rule, the art of experimentation and mind mapping. We’ll do heaps of practical exercises, that you can apply in practice straight away. We’ll also focus on your specific situation and design some potential solutions together.