Leading change in a way that gets colleagues excited? During the interactive workshop, you’ll experience yourself how positivity inspires people to take an active role in change. Positive Change is anything but fuzzy but offers specific ways to get people going.


What did participants think?

“I really loved, how energetically you gave the “seminar” and with such a positive attitude. I liked it also that you involved everyone so actively! The practical tips are helpful and are easily applicable in practice.”

“Short and clear presentation, that focused on the key aspects. Focus on daily practice with examples. Really loved it! Thanks.”

“+ Positive energy, positive attitude and likeable. + Experiments and involving the participants was fun + Eye-opener: different way of thinking has hit home ? Really lovely workshop.”

“The seminar was refreshing and really well structured. I received good practical tips for change management. The interactiveness and exercises were really enjoyable”.

“+ Interactive, voting, practice-oriented, well-structured, positive and professional trainer!”


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