Positive leadership – the training programme


Nowadays organisations are everchanging: competition is getting heated, the iGens are getting going, the market is continuously changing and the pressure to perform is felt intensively.

How do you successfully lead employees in these competitive conditions? In this training programme, you will experience first-hand, how you can lead in a positive and appreciative way whilst also bringing your own personality to the table. As a result of positive and cooperative leadership, your employees (and I’m not just talking about the iGens) will perform better and will be more engaged at work.



  • You will discover, what the role of a leader looks like nowadays and how you can lead in an authentic and positive way.
  • You understand, why a positive and cooperative leadership style leads to engaged employees and better performance.
  • You are even able to lead difficult situations and complex changes in positive and sincere way.
  • You are able to involve colleagues, partners and get them excited so they can jump on the bandwagon and bring their strengths to the table.
  • You have excellent leadership skills, such as: using positive language, giving bad news, “reading” people and dealing with uncertainty. You are able to build employee relationships based on trust, so they themselves can go ahead and get their own initiatives to blossom.
  • You manage yourself in a positive way and “tackle” your daily leadership responsibilities more mindfully and relaxed.


The specifics

This training programme improves your leadership skills and makes you aware of your personal leadership priorities. Following a short theoretical introduction, the seminar consists mainly of practical exercises, that enable you to practice your leadership skills interactively, so you can shine as a leader at work. Your own cases and experiences are also fully integrated into the programme.


Is this one suitable for you?

This training programme is for team leaders and managers, who would like to master leadership in a positive and authentic way and lead their team to great performance. The seminar is suitable for future leaders and seasoned leaders that are looking for new inspiration or would like to experience more joy leading their team.



  • 2 days



Drop me a line at lisette@lisettevandesandt.com or call +31 6 5093 1124.