How do you turn just working together into real collaboration?

How do you turn just working together into real collaboration?

How do you get more collaboration and initiative oozing out of the entire organisation? During this interactive workshop you’ll experience: how to get the best out of your people – about motivation; what the purpose of your organisation is; how you can give trust; and how you can really collaborate. This workshop brings about a lot of positivity and leaves you going home with plenty of specific actions.

What can you expect?

During this interactive workshop for people in supervisory or management positions you’ll experience:

  • How to get the best out of your people. On motivation.
  • What the purpose and the key organisational values are. How do you take initiative yourself? And know that you’re moving into the right direction?
  • How to give trust. Why failing works wonders.
  • How to really collaborate. Gone with the culture of individual kingdoms. We work on your relationship as internal customers and suppliers.

After the workshop, you’ll receive a number of cards with handy tools and tips to get started.


If innovation and collaboration oozing out of the entire organisation are important to you, then this workshop is for you. This workshop is for groups of supervisors/managers or management teams but can also be adapted to teams.


The workshop takes one day. As an interactive part of your strategy weekend, it can also be divided over two days in combination with other internal presentations.


Preferably externally, on your location could be an option too.